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Family Services

These court-approved programs are based on Luz’s decades of experience working with families to prevent child abuse and to strengthen the family unit. Luz also offers training, consultation and services to domestic violence shelters and family agencies at low cost or pro bono.  
happy family
Parenting Class:
Parenting is the hardest job anyone will ever have. These ten-week classes are designed to provide education, support, guidance and resources to caregivers in order to develop parenting skills that will enhance child and family well-being. It offers tools and strategies to provide a positive and nurturing home environment where children can thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Family Dispute
Co-Parenting Groups:
The process of a divorce or separation can be very difficult for children, especially if the parents struggle with anger, pain and frustration. These groups are designed to help both parents deal with conflict resolutions and identify their children’s issues associated with the divorce, with the goal of creating a long-lasting and strong co-parenting relationship.
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Anger Management Groups:
Anger is a healthy, normal human feeling. However, it becomes a problem when it is expressed inappropriately. These anger management classes are designed with the goal of reducing family and community violence by helping individuals experience and express anger in healthy, non-destructive ways.
Outdoor Study Group
Women’s Support Groups:
This is an ongoing empowerment group to help women with issues related to low self-esteem, body image, relationships, health, work/career, intimacy and child rearing.
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