Your Past is Not Your Prison. 

The Key to Finding Happiness, Light and Success

Liberate Yourself is about breaking the chains of bad habits, trauma, suffering and dysfunction. No matter where you come from and what your situation is, you can heal yourself mentally, physically and emotionally and live a healthier life.



A ten week companion workbook to

Liberate Yourself: Your Past is Not Your Prison

This workbook, along with the book, Liberate Yourself: Your Past is Not Your Prison, help you to better understand and control your anger. It is a comprehensive compilation of simple information and exercises aimed to help you deal with the frustrations that lead to an outburst or hurt feelings, to help you feel calmer and to experience more happiness in all areas of your life.

I wrote this book to broaden the reader’s understanding of how to restore or maintain good health and well-being through my “Plan Pluz,” a physical, spiritual and emotional guide that teaches how nutrition for the body and soul can be a practical way to build a healthy and successful life. Regardless of the residual effects of one’s past, this coaching and healing manual shows readers how to enrich their lives and find emotional and physical balance to achieve happiness and integral health.


For many people, women in particular, living in the past creates difficulties in our present and future lives. When we do not heal from the wounds of yesterday, pain, disappointment, unhealthy relationships and bad habits condemn us to a mental, emotional and physical prison. Unfortunately, few people manage to find the key to freeing themselves from an existence plagued by unhappiness. The decisions that we make on a daily basis can confine us to that prison for life, or, with help, those decisions can liberate us forever, finally allowing us to find light, happiness and success. 


"An incredibly brave and inspiring book! A personal story that touches on everything from physical and mental health, to healthy living, to food choices and holistic healing. Love that it comes in a Spanish version."

Anne Marie P./ Amazon

"Luz illuminates the power we all inherently hold inside ourselves to find peace and happiness. Her writing is engaging and inspiring! I love this book and the path it inspires."

MLS/ Amazon

 "I started reading it looking to heal some of my past issues and ended up changing my life in so many ways! The book begins with the author's life story that shows us that no matter where you begin from you and what you went through in your childhood the power is within you to be healed and live the life you want to. I really admire Luz and will be forever grateful for helping me improve my life, I have learned so much from her and even my eating habits improved after reading her book. If you are looking to transform your life physical, spiritual, and emotionally this is a great guide."

Katy Muller/ Amazon

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