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Luz's Journey

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I grew up in a small town in the Dominican Republic. Although food was often scarce, I was lucky to eat mainly home-cooked meals using locally grown fruits and vegetables and humanely-raised animals. When I immigrated to the U.S., where food was delicious, cheap and abundant, I fell in love with the American diet. I even worked at the headquarters of McDonald’s, the home of my favorite indulgence, the Big Mac.


Later, after becoming a wife and mother, I began to get sick, first with one cold after another and then with progressively worse infections. It seemed that the medicine I took only made me sicker. Depressed and with little family support, I decided to visit a holistic healer, who suggested eliminating refined foods and reverting back to the healthier diet of my childhood. This life-changing process led to a complete recovery.

This experience has ignited my passion for nutrition, making me realize we cannot fully heal ourselves unless we address the mind/body/ spiritual connection to the self. 

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