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Education. Empowerment. Support. 

These are the guiding principles that drive the mission of Luz Kyncl, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness & Health Coaching  to help clients thrive mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you feel lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, or ridden by anxiety, or are struggling with overeating or physical ailments, then you can benefit from the knowledge, experience and guidance of a professional therapeutic coach.


Luz Kyncl, Psychotherapy is a Los Angeles-based therapy practice offering psychotherapy, health coaching, and mindfulness training for individuals, families, teens, and groups. It is devoted to providing an integrative and holistic approach to wellness that includes a tool-box of practices and techniques, using cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR therapy, mindfulness, and wellness coaching to treat an array of afflictions, including anxiety, depression, emotional eating, and childhood trauma.


At the first meeting, Luz assesses her clients’ mental and emotional state, as well as their lifestyle as a whole, including diet and daily routine. She believes that people cannot fully blossom and realize their potential until their lives are completely balanced. She approaches her cases from a holistic standpoint, addressing the emotional and spiritual blocks that may be preventing clients from achieving their goals.


Luz has committed her practice to the notion that everyone has the potential to break the habits that are breaking them, set and achieve goals, transform their health and live the rich, fulfilled life of their dreams. 

"My mission is to educate and empower individuals and families to improve their health through positive changes in their diet and lifestyle."

Luz Esther Kyncl

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