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Embracing Uncertainty

The Embracing Uncertainty support  group will meet online via zoom once a week for 90 minutes. 

The following topics will be addressed during our group:

  1. Week One: Recognize feelings of uncertainty and impact on your life. Identify your current strengths and coping skills to date. 

  2. Week Two: Learn the difference between Uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Identify your negative thinking patterns fueling your uncertainty and learn how to manage what is within your control vs. outside your control worries. Learn how to manage your “what if.” negative outcomes.

  3. Week Three: Improve healthy skills by identifying 5 ways to cope with negative thoughts/ 5 pleasure activities to cope with worries and 5 ways to learn to accept Uncertainty.

  4. Week Four: Learn how to develop your own “Embracing your Uncertainty Toolbox” filled with coping skills and action plans to incorporate in your daily life to help you manage your anxiety in your daily life


Price is $20.00 per session. This price includes

  • 90 minutes online session

  • A Workbook, Embracing Uncertainty Workbook filled with information, resources and tools  to help you further explore and practice the skills learned in the group.

  • Click here to register




Liberate Yourself From Anxiety

This group will meet once a week for 12 sessions. 

Liberate Yourself From Depression

This group will meet once a week for 12 sessions.


Meditation to Liberate Your Mind

This group will meet once a week for 8 sessions.

*Cost is $50 per session/per person. The group is limited to a maximum of 5 people to create a safe environment and to allow for cohesiveness and participation.


*Evaluation is required prior to joining ANY of the groups to determine appropriate placement.


If interested, please fill out the form below or contact Luz.

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